Help please!, How can I force my boyfriend to become a vegan?

Answer Don't be silly. Trolls don't have boyfriends.

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I want to become vegan how do i get started please help need more than five answers?

Here’s my “Veganism 101” The easiest way to avoid animal ingredients is to avoid processed foods. Buy whole foods and cook.The best recipe site is here: if you woul... Read More »

Vegan diet ! Please help!?

Gack! Bacon! Don't listen to Billy. Your desire to try a vegan diet is commendable. You probably didn't last on the diet because you need a balance diet with protein in it, to keep you from fee... Read More »

My Sister is a Vegan Please Help Me Understand Her?

I'm vegan and not like that at all. Sounds like your sis is crazy. Everyone should tell her that you all are trying to be as accommodating as possible for her, she should do the same for you. I don... Read More »

Are Sports Grills veggie burgers vegan PLEASE HELP!?

You will have to ask them as that is the only way to know for certain.If they say they are vegetable burgers they could be either.My guess even if the 'meat' is vegan friendly the cooking facility ... Read More »