Help periods! Girls only ;-)?

Answer That's okay, some girls start age 10 and some girls start age 18! I wouldn't be desperate to get yours if I were you. It's not too amazing, trust me haha! It sometimes depends on what age your mum ... Read More »

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PERIODS! (girls only)?

Most sources will say if you havent gotten it by 16 you should get it checked out, because the passage could be blocked or you might need a pill to jump start your hormones.

How to Take Care of Your Periods (Girls Only)?

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Girls help please! (girls only)?

oh wow.. that's badumm I'm not that close to my mum either so i can helpif u cant wake her up now and tell her, then tomorrow morning get her alone and just blurt it out. once it's out you feel fre... Read More »

Help me GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!?

If you're old enough to need such things, you're old enough to talk to your mom about it. What is there to be embarrassed about? She went through puberty too.