Help!!! painful lumps on my back and 14 :(?

Answer You could be feeling your tailbone which naturally has several is a diagram:…It's a sensitive area, so if you hurt it while you were stretchi... Read More »

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What are two lumps on the back of your baby's head?

Answer My baby had the same thing and when I took her to the doctor they said it was because she had cradle cap. I guess cradle cap is considered an infection on the head and can make the small g... Read More »

Weird lumps on back from sunburn?

I think If you have such concern you should go to the doctor.Why are you jumping to that conclusion?please stop calling down that big C on yourself. Discover additional info and products from my bl... Read More »

My 9months baby has 3 different lumps at the back of her head and it seems to increase in size what can this mean?

Answer If they are appearing along the hair-line at the back of the head, they are most likely lymph nodes. If your bably has had colds, of especially ear infections, the lymph nodes are growing t... Read More »

Why do i have Vertical oily lumps in the back of my head like train tracks.....When i squeze oil comes out.?

I see you've attracted some R & S'ers with this question. Sorry, but we are a rude lot.