Help!!! painful lumps on my back and 14 :(?

Answer You could be feeling your tailbone which naturally has several is a diagram:…It's a sensitive area, so if you hurt it while you were stretchi... Read More »

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Extremely painful back problems. Help?

Sounds like you've developed sciatica. The muscles in your back seize up with the pain from your trapped sciatic nerve just above your pelvis. A muscle relaxant from the doc can help in the short -... Read More »

Weird lumps on back from sunburn?

I think If you have such concern you should go to the doctor.Why are you jumping to that conclusion?please stop calling down that big C on yourself. Discover additional info and products from my bl... Read More »

What are two lumps on the back of your baby's head?

Answer My baby had the same thing and when I took her to the doctor they said it was because she had cradle cap. I guess cradle cap is considered an infection on the head and can make the small g... Read More »

Lumps on up left chest help?

It could be breast cancer, or just cycts that need draining. Go to your doctor or a clinic or hospital and get it checked out as soon as possible because men DO get breast cancer and early detectio... Read More »