Help on my bee sting?

Answer There are no instant remedies. Icing your hand will probably help with the swelling. My grandma used to put a paste of baking soda and water on stings, although I can't remember if it helped or n... Read More »

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Bee sting! help! plz!?

It should go away soon now. Take a Benadryl to speed up the anti-inflammatory process and keep ice on it. Those stings can really bug you. -pun!- Haha! Hope this helped!

HELP big bee sting :(?

Go to the drugstore, get a pack of benadryl... take 250mg four times a day, until the swelling goes down. It will take two or three days. That's what my pharmacist told me last week when the same t... Read More »

Bee sting.. please help!!?

He is suffering a more severe allergic reaction. He may need to seek medical attention if his condition worsens.

Bee sting please help!!!?

Call 911. Sounds like a severe allergic reaction.