Help on facebook please............. (read my prob.) this question worth 10 points?

Answer u cannot-it sucks-fb has changed again-i know-i am there! it has changed like 5 times since i joined-uugh!

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Dental advice, tips, opinions please read more..... (short, to-the-point question. easy points)?

MEG,As a dentist say you're doing very well and BETTER than most. Keep up the GOOD JOB!Assuming your gums were red from gingivitis, they should start to turn a healthy light pink color after a wee... Read More »

Sky+ question please help *10 points*?

Yes - you need to program the Sky remote control to match the make and model of your TV set.Be aware that not all tv sets are supported , and it also depends on how up to date your Sky handset is (... Read More »

I tag my boyfriend on facebook. It never shows please read the whole question?

he can just ignore it and it will never get approved - he is picking which ones he wants himself tagged inand no, it will not notify you of his action if he has it set to approve

This is not a question, but please read on.......?

aww thats the sweetest thing i ever heard , youl be ok cutey the new cast wont hurt too much, be a brave little girl ( i broke my leg once and didnt have a cast on for a whole 48hours and the cast ... Read More »