Help on college tution?

Answer Did you have a sit down talk with your financial aid advisor? Did you let him/her know of your financial situation? I am surprised that you did not receive that much in aid. Were you also given ... Read More »

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If I recently graduated college will I be eligible for this $2500 tution tax credit?

No. Parents of a student currently enrolled are eligible.

Can the institute increase tution fee during the term of the course?

of course they can. This is the American way. Just don't be shocked when their credits don't transfer to other schools. They've got you, hook, line and sinker.

I won a scholarship for any college in IL...but I don't want to go to college in IL!!!?

Do you have ANY idea how good a school UIUC is? But I digress.The programs you're talking about will not necessarily pay off all your loans nor will they repay your family for the money they spend ... Read More »

Do grad students ever get reciprocity/ wavied/reduced out of state tution fees (I live in ca)?

the residency issue is a big deal to schools and almost darn near impossible to get around. I have heard of reciprocity for tuition, but only in relation to degree programs not being available in t... Read More »