Help on buying a second-hand 35mm?

Answer It would be very cheap to get into the 35 mm game but it's an expensive venture over the long haul. A film canon 35 mm can easily be had for the price range you've quoted. But it's the lenses that ... Read More »

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What test should I do before buying a second hand laptop?

1)Test the battery removing the power cord and testing it for around 15 min check the rate of decrease in the battery level.if it goes from 1hr remaining to 20 min in few minutes it... Read More »

If you had only one hand, would second hand smoke effect you?

If I were you, I would cut off my other hand to prevent lung cancer.

Thinking of buying a 35mm camera from a pawn shop, any way to keep from driving all over town?

Pawn shops can be hit or miss. They won't guarantee their items to work...and they probably won't have someone who knows enough about 35mm cameras working there.I'd go to a camera shop that sells ... Read More »

Second Hand ?

No my boys had new clothes when needed - mind you I had four of them so they were all passed down and well worn by the time that they'd finished with them! I do agree that it is silly to buy expens... Read More »