Help on a two faced back-stabbing girl?

Answer You could be nice to her when she is having a tough time, and when she tells you a secret, tell someone else.But then again that would be as bad as he, wouldn't it? :PHehe, but it's good to get her... Read More »

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BB9: I've voted for the back stabbing gossip queen Sylvia, who do you want out this week?

Sylvia should stay she's more entertaining than mo plus if mo went they'd be more grub for everyone else !!

Help I'm having Stabbing Pains in My left temple?

I have been suffering from these pains for years. They started in my temple and then eventually moved to other places. I was eventually diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and also I have some other prob... Read More »

Which side of the basement ceiling insulation goes up--faced or non-faced?

Faced insulation should be placed with the facing toward the heated part of the home. Exposed (unfaced) insulation should be covered with an interior panel or finish if the area is going to be occu... Read More »

Ladies please help..I am faced with the toughest decision I will ever have to make?

Huni - You do what you feel is best.You could lose all your babies if you don't do this - But then if they make it to 12 weeks it's going to break your heart to have to choose two of them. How woul... Read More »