Help on How to Write Pseudocode?

Answer Pseudocode is, simply put, "fake" code. It helps a programmer to describe an algorithm, or a sequence of logic, needed to make a program function properly. Pseudocode also helps a programmer to und... Read More »

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Help with a flow chart so I get write a pseudocode for a modular program?

To do a flow chart you need to know how the program is going to work. It may be easier for you to do the pseudocode, and then make the flow chart from the pseudocode. Not knowing what else you have... Read More »

How do you write pseudocode for 12 x 5?

Declare variable for 12Declare variable for 5Declare variable for product of 12 and 5Set the product of 5 and 12 to variablePrint the product

How to Write Pseudocode?

You may be asked to write pseudocode for 1 or more projects if you are involved in any kind of computer programming or engineering. Pseudocode is a specific kind of documentation that falls between... Read More »

How to Write a Pseudocode to Calculate Squares?

Pseudocode is a way of informally representing the structure and logic of a computer program before you start actually coding it. Pseudocode does not have to match any specific format or syntax, so... Read More »