Help on Gigabyte GA-G41MT-ES2L Motherboard.?

Answer your mother bord support 4GB total memory, that is RAM + PCI + VGA + ....i think the problem is you not have enough memory address when you connect 4GB ram card. try connecting 3GB and see what hap... Read More »

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What is the best motherboard for a gigabyte gtx 660 ti and fx 6300?

Any socket AM3+ motherboard is fine.PCI-Express x16 version 3.0 is a non-factor currently, because existing cards aren't fast enough to exceed the bandwidth limit of a 2.0 slot- not even the GeForc... Read More »

How to Find Drivers for a GIGABYTE GA-KNSC-939 Motherboard?

GIGABYTE's GA-KNSC-939 is a motherboard for an AMD processor using the socket 939. Depending on the market, the motherboard is called either KNSC-939 or K8NSC-939. The GIGABYTE website has the late... Read More »

Gigabyte motherboard sata raid URGENT!!!?

raid means: redundant array of inexpensive disks. you wont need those drivers UNLESS you want to buy another identical drive in the future and raid them together. so no, for a one HDD set up you sh... Read More »

How to Flash BIOS on a Gigabyte GA-7ZX VIA KT133 Motherboard?

The GA-7ZX motherboard from Gigabyte uses "Socket A" technology to provide support for AMD Athlon or Duron processors. The on-board BIOS chip contains firmware used to start the computer and initia... Read More »