Help needed with screen flow!! please!?

Answer Don't use a bad computer.

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Flat screen tv advice needed?

RCA is noted for defective capacitors in the power supply and inverter section. It's a relatively simple process to replace the capacitors if you have experience with good soldering/desoldering eq... Read More »

What is the amount of fabric needed to make a screen?

In order to make a folding screen with panels 70 inches high and 52 inches wide (70" X 52"), 2 and 3/8 yards of 55-inch wide fabric will be needed per panel.References:Bed Bath and Beyond: Haiku F... Read More »

What cord is needed to watch video from a laptop to a Sony big screen?

The type of cord needed depends on the connectors. If the laptop and the Sony HDTV have HDMI connectors, you need an HDMI cable. USB ports are more common and require USB cables. If the TV and the ... Read More »

What is the purpose of the flow stator in the axial flow ventrical assist device?

This device is to allow the heart to rest if badly weakened from heart disease, takes over the heart's duty, usually a bridge for heart transplantation