Help needed in the kitchen?

Answer Why not find a nice little hotel & surpise him by going away for the weekend?Sounds like it would do you both the world of good to have some quality time together. Less stressful than making a meal... Read More »

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How much light is needed in a kitchen?

Kitchens require large amounts of task lighting around stoves and counters, so it is easy to see when preparing food. Some decorative and accent lighting is also suggested to add visual interest, i... Read More »

When is a permit needed for remodeling a kitchen in New Zealand?

Most New Zealand kitchen remodels require a building permit. Permits are required whenever an addition is built, walls are moved or plumbing work needs to be done. A permit is not required, however... Read More »

What size breaker is needed for a kitchen stove?

The circuit breaker should be 50 amps and 220 volts. Your kitchen stove must be on a dedicated circuit, one in use for the stove alone.Source:What Size Breaker Is Needed For a Kitchen Stove?

What drain assembly is needed two hole kitchen sink?

Drain Assembly A double drain assembly. They're usually made of plastic now and you will have parts that are longer than they need to be. Just cut off the excess with a hacksaw.