Help needed desperatlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Answer I don't think you could be pregnant as your body just doesn't register pregnancies that quickly.You also don't have a chance of being pregnant unless you had sex on your 14th day of your cycle, bec... Read More »

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What is needed in a first aid kit for a gym?

Well, you need,a bandageMedichal wipesplastersand a bucket Well that's all i can think of .

HELP NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

Instructions First Half Hour Session 1 Sit at the piano with the singer standing close enough to the piano to place one hand on the piano. Have the singer close her eyes. Play one ... Read More »

Why is tv needed?

TV is not needed. It's one of those inventions that is incredible from a technological point of view, but not actually of great benefit to society.

HELP needed please?

Empty your cache and delete all cookies.If you have an IE icon on your desktop (not shortcut) just right click that -> Properties -> look in their to Delete your browsing history. That should also ... Read More »