Help my video camera wont work!?

Answer The problem is that you are trying to capture the footage using USB cable when you should be using Firewire or iLink cable which is just a Firewire cable with another name.Your computer needs a Fir... Read More »

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Why wont the zoom on your video camera work?

Need help to chose a video camera to make a video for a contest for best video?

I'd say not. What kind of contest? Do they expect the video to be edited? Do they expect you to know what you're doing with a video camera? Have you ever used a video camera? Have you ever edi... Read More »

Lock down a video camera so it wont be stolen?

Check out some computer lockdown kits. I've seen ones that come with 2 discs, a cable and a lock. You glue 1 disc to the device and one to the table (or something secure) using an adhesive they sup... Read More »

Mp4 video wont work on my editor?

Have you tried using Windows Live Movie Maker?What program came with your GoPro?