Help my stupid brother bit me on the pinky and its swelling!?

Answer Get a cold cloth and wrap it around ir pinky. Its the most u can do. Jus replace the cloth or get it cold again whenever u feel it warming up

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How many people think big brother is stupid?

Ranks up there as one of many of the stupidest reality shows.You can tell who the demographics they are aiming for...

I hurt my pinky finger. help.?

It sounds like you stoved it. My ex just had to deal with this recently.RICE.Don't stress it.Ice the swollen area.Compress it.Keep it elevated, although with a pinky, I don't see that working too w... Read More »

Help my left pinky is numb!!?

You should definitly go to the doctor. It's possible that it might be sprained or broken. I remember when that happened to my wrist when someone stepped on it, it was numb, and i ended up spraining... Read More »

My Stupid Little Brother put a HUGE magnet on the computer screen! What can I Do?

If the monitor doesn't have a degaussing feature you can do it manually. A 60hz magnetic field will fix what the magnet did. You can use a small AC motor like a blender or something has, or a power... Read More »