Help my sleep schedule is messed up!?

Answer Whether you pull an all-nighter or try and get a couple hours sleep you're going to be extremely tired either way. So I think you should go to sleep at 6am or whenever and get up at 11-12pm, that w... Read More »

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I need help with my sleep schedule.?

Hi KimThere are lot's of things that can stop someone from getting a good night's sleep, or cause insomnia. It may be a good idea to check with a doctor to see if there is an underlying health prob... Read More »

Trying to change my sleep schedule please?

What you do is you don't sleep one night and go to bed early and set an alarm for the time you wanna wake up. First few nights will be tough, but you schedule should straighten out in about 3 days

True/False: Your sleep pattern is completely messed up at present..?

My sleeping patterns are always all over the place. If you start moving back an hour at a time you should be okay. That's what I have to do.

How to fix a odd sleep schedule?

Pick a Friday night, stay up all night and Saturday, and whenever you want to gor to sleep (8-10p.m.) pick that time to go to sleep and you will be in the mood for sleep then.