Help my sister if you

Answer apply for student grant dude. another things.

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Help! I need help convincing my mother on why she shouldn't buy my sister a macbook for christmas.?

I’m a computer engineer with 15 years of experience in the business. All my professional work experience has been related to computers and involved ALL of the following: Warehouse workSales (Reta... Read More »

If my mum is my friend's aunt's sister in law's sister brother's wife's sister how is she related to me?

That all sounds slightly incestuous, but she is your mum obviously, 'cause you told us at the start!!

Why some women simply hate their husband's sister just because she is his sister i e if she weren't her sister-in-law she might get along great with her?

because women are naturally territorial. (The same may actually hold true for the sister by the way) Both of them are protective over the man and therefore it is competition at it's worst. Same pro... Read More »

How can I help my sister-in-law?

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