Help! my screen somehow got "bigger"?

Answer Generally safe mode will say safe mode. If so, there is a reason you're in safe mode and your resolution is the LEAST of your concerns. You may have accidentally changed your resolution. Go into di... Read More »

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How to make my screen bigger?

You'll have to find your screen resolution settings. The path to it varies depending on what kind of computer you have. For Windows 7, you can just right-click on your desktop, click "Screen Reso... Read More »

Why can't my neighbor get a bigger screen?

I guess you haven't really lived until you see a desperate housewife making out. I feel so bad for you that you're missing out on all the action.

Still not full screen but bigger than it was Thank you?

asi cant see your other question i gather your having probs with resolution...right click on desktop,hip properties,settings move the slider,if u go to far it willreset in 15 can also... Read More »

How to Make the Screen Bigger in a PSP AV TV Cable?

The Sony PSP-3000 is a portable gaming console that features a 4.3-inch wide-screen display, integrated 802.11b wireless, a USB 2.0 connection interface, a propriatary UMD drive and a single memory... Read More »