Help! my screen somehow got "bigger"?

Answer Generally safe mode will say safe mode. If so, there is a reason you're in safe mode and your resolution is the LEAST of your concerns. You may have accidentally changed your resolution. Go into di... Read More »

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Up at the top, there should be a button that says "page" go to that then "zoom" "100%" orscroll way down to the bottom and sometimes, there's a lil' icon that says "100%" or whatever zoom level you... Read More »

My start bar used to be on the bottom of the screen and somehow it moved to the side how do i fix pleasseee?

Somehow my taskbar got moved to the right side of my screen. How do I return it to the bottom.?

First we need to unlock it. Right click on it and if there is a check mark next to "Lock the Taskbar", then click it to remove the check mark. Now you can left and drag the taskbar back to the bo... Read More »

Kids stepped on lap top screen..I have another computer, can I somehow connect them thx?

You put VGA ports only output ports. You can connect the laptop with the broken screen t a external monitor or a TV to view the laptops screen.How to connect laptop to TV, Cables & Jacks for Connec... Read More »