Help! my legs dont have circulation?

Answer I'd definitely make an appointment to see the doc. Also, keep a close eye on the temperature (literally, feel with your hand) of your leg & feel if it feels normal, hot or cool. & watch for color c... Read More »

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I have just walked over 10 miles and my legs ache-what should I do to help my poor legs?

Stretch! Do squats, lunges and a bit of on spot running. The reason your legs hurt is the lactic acid from your muscles. As soon as you start to move and stretch the acid while go away. Oh also, th... Read More »

Information About Poor Circulation in Legs?

Although poor circulation in the legs may not seem like a serious health condition, it actually causes extremely painful symptoms. If you have poor circulation in your legs, it is important to clea... Read More »

I have this smell when i dont wash between my do i get rid of it as we are going camping.?

take some baby wipes and wash between your legs lol

I have a mutek 1200 ub scanner i have installed it but i dont know how to start using it can anyone help me?

Open the flap and it should come on all by itself. If not, find it in the program menu and run it from there.