Help! my legs dont have circulation?

Answer I'd definitely make an appointment to see the doc. Also, keep a close eye on the temperature (literally, feel with your hand) of your leg & feel if it feels normal, hot or cool. & watch for color c... Read More »

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Information About Poor Circulation in Legs?

Although poor circulation in the legs may not seem like a serious health condition, it actually causes extremely painful symptoms. If you have poor circulation in your legs, it is important to clea... Read More »

Is it weird if you dont shave your legs at 15?

Naw. I mean if you don't wear shorts of skirts much and have leg hair isn't not a big deal. I couldn't wait for freshman gym to be over so I didn't have to irritate my legs with so much shaving. If... Read More »

I have this smell when i dont wash between my do i get rid of it as we are going camping.?

take some baby wipes and wash between your legs lol

Coronary circulation question (not pulmonary circulation)?

You are absolutely correct, and I as a doctor accept your definition from the bottom of my heart. This shows you think logically, I will request all participants to give a star to the (as a mark of... Read More »