Help!!! my hand is stuck!!!?

Answer Hot water. Just let it run over your hands and move them continuously and eventually it should break the glue down.Sorry, that's really sucky. I've done it to my fingers before. Took a while to ... Read More »

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Photoshop stuck on Hand tool?

Your Photoshop has consume its memory reserve, unleash some memory by goin to Edit, Preferences, Memory&Image Cache.Set to this settings cached level: 4 and maximum used by photoshop to 75%.Also go... Read More »

Photoshop Cursor Stuck on Hand?

Adobe Photoshop has a wide array of editing tools at the user's disposal. The hand tool is used to move photos around the screen to focus on editing points. Occasionally, the hand tool becomes the ... Read More »

I got my hand stuck to the inside of a freezer...?

Well, I'd say that you should call the doctor again and not rely on information on the internet from people whom most likely will not know a medical remedy. But you have burn blisters (I'm not lyi... Read More »

Um this is sorta embarrassing... but um my hand is... stuck?

Nail polish remover works a charm on this. Do *not* get it in your eyes, or you'll do yourself real damage. But this normally works very quickly. Put some nail polish remover on a Q-tip or a cotton... Read More »