Help my cut burns! and its REALLY HOT?

Answer Sounds like it's getting infected if it feel hot. Peroxide does some damage to healthy tissue also, try and find some Betadine solution and use it instead. What make of foundation was it, or can yo... Read More »

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Aloe vera really work on burns?

yes it sucks out the burned part thats why the slime looks red after a while.

I need help, I really really really really really really need your help rigth now?

trust me, having a dick is just having more surface area that can be cut scraped or otherwise injured extremely easily. there's more nerve endings in a dudes package than in a womans breasts. it hu... Read More »

Really need help on dieting! Really important! PLEASE HELP?

Check out the get in shape program link below. Make sure you eat food but watch your portions.

Does flour help burns?

Flour does not help burns, but vitamin E does.