Help my computer screen on my desktop is messed up?

Answer Hey calm down. These things happen. If its a desktop computer (big one) then hitting the monitor would nt affect the computer unless you hit that to. Try holding the power button on the computer do... Read More »

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Why is my computer screen messed up?

Reboot and keep tapping F8 key and choose safe modeWindows will load with a standard vga driver. If the screen is normal in safe mode then you probably need to uninstall your graphics driver and in... Read More »

I dropped my computer and screen is messed up, how to fix?

You'll have to replace the entire screen. It will probably be quite expensive to do so; I can't give you a price, but you could inquire at various computer repair places in your area. In the mean... Read More »

My screen is messed up! Help!?

youhave most likely changed the resolution. right click any empty space on the desktop,.choose properties, settings. move the slider bar to the left and set it to 1024x768. things should appear muc... Read More »

I had to reinstall windows and now my screen resolution is all messed up HELP!!!?

The most common cause of the symptom that you state is that the correct drivers for the video card are not installed. This is a fairly common problem after installing or re-installing Windows.Try t... Read More »