Help, my computer is locked!?

Answer Quick FBI MoneyPak and Ultimate Game Card Ransom ware removal instructions (System Restore, may not work for all users):1. Unplug your network cable and manually turn your computer off. Reboot your... Read More »

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Help i can't remember my password locked out of my computer?

If you have lost or forgetten the XP administrator password, first reboot Windows XP in safe mode by re-starting the computer and pressing F8 repeated as the computer starts up. Then (in safe mode)... Read More »

I need help with this virus. computer locked up?

If the infection allows you to boot to Safe Mode with Networking, try this…otherwise look further down for an alternative procedure:Firstly, boot your computer to the Safe Mode menu screen. You d... Read More »

Im 17 im lost and i need help im locked inside my car idk how to get out! can anyone help mi i accendently?

im locked in your trunk i have the key but i cant get out to open the car

Moviestarplanet LOCKED my computer OUT?

I'm supposing you think we all know what infringement you've made, my young friend? Sadly, we don't. You'll need to give at least a little bit of information.Edit:Have you tried clicking on the l... Read More »