Help my computer have a virus!?

Answer You now have two problems; hopefully you still have internet access. You might simply try the following (but you may find that you have to do more):1. Go to Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove progra... Read More »

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HELP!! I have a virus on my computer, what can i do?

Firstly update and run your anti-virus product. You can also run a free online scan as well as some malware can actually corrupt or disable your resident security products. Here are a few online sc... Read More »

I have major virus problem on computer any help appreciated.?

Lmao at KingKong!! hehe!!I cannot offer any better advice than is already given so just wanted to say Good Luck!! :-)

I think I have a virus on my computer that keeps creating ads. Help?

Run a virus scan. If you don't have one download one. I recommend Avast as it's light on your computer's resources which prevents slow downs. Viruses tend to make your computer slow so having a ... Read More »

Computer virus: I have a virus on my computer, its disabled my task manager?

I got that Trojan like a week ago.... I believed it's called AntiVirus XP 2010. It is more spyware than a virus, but still very dangerous There are some ways you can manually remove the trojan, but... Read More »