Help my cat did something to my computer.....?

Answer Looks like your browser has been put into fullscreen, try pressing F11 but it depends upon your browser, try the other F1-12 keys

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HELP! I think my computer has got a virus or something!!! PLEASE HELP!?

Your PC is infected with a smitfraud trojan. Go here to remove it free.Or,you can make a donation if you like.…Or,

Help!!! Something is wrong with my computer... ?

get Nortonit has a 90 day trial and it works great.and that is a weird heard of one that did that.

Computer help I clicked on something called?

Would it say (Antivirus 2008 Pro) if it does its a scam and dont click on anything else., I just cleared a friends computer of it., couple of things you can do.,Go to Start,click run,type in regedi... Read More »

I scanned my computer with avast! antivirus but when it gets something it says it can't repair it. Help ?

First thing first: avast protects you from infection, the one you would get if you follow the link. The infected links are caused by malicious settings, which can not be easily detected by antiviru... Read More »