Help me with this issue ?

Answer If the scanner wants to scan "to a program", choose a graphics program and the image should be saved into that program's format (rather than embedded in a Word (or whatever) document). Many scanner... Read More »

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I really need help with this facebook issue I'm having!?

it's not a bug - some people just disable their chat, or hide their online-less to some peoplei have about 100 people listed as friends on facebook, but only let about 6 of them see when i'm online

Hey guys!! is anyone is good at computer science Please help me with this issue..!!?

I think what you need is a root password and be a root user, this common in Linux/Unix/BSD (i think new mac os are similar BSD). "Root" user is kinda like the Administrator user in windows.You need... Read More »

My iod(mp4) is not working properly.please help in resolving this issue.?

ipods are pretty flimsy. You always have to make sure you have the latest itunes program-always. If your ipod does not work, click restore all settings with it plugged in

What is causing this issue with my eye?

Sounds like a migraine. if yuo start feeling pain in the head, then its definitely a migraine.