Help me with these cheap questions?

Answer that's why i will give u 2 thumbs down. & then vote myself

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Please help with these computer questions.?

A database is a place to store information and later let you retrieve the information by sorting it by the criteria you are looking for.Too develope one you would need to know how to write code. If... Read More »

10 points if some one can help me with these drivers eud questions!!!?

People who are new at things - whether it's being a waitress, bartender, plumber or DRIVER, should make themselves aware of the hazards of what they are doing. By reading and digesting and ponderin... Read More »

Can we cut it out with all these fake questions?

When I see these questions I block them. And if the questions are completely way over the line I report.

Circumcision what is it with these questions today?

Parents circumcise their sons because they care about their future health and that of their partners.