Help me with my samsung galaxy europa!! :(?

Answer you can try the following thing, but it will erase everything on the phone, but you can use it again(everything on the SD card will be safe)get the battery out, but it back in again.then press the ... Read More »

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Samsung galaxy europa low storage space?

I'd think that 'apps' would be really quite small programs, it's the MASS storage that you need to shift. Music takes up a little memory, so do photos, but it's VIDEO-files that really eat up the ... Read More »

Can you guys please help me with my samsung galaxy s3 phone?

You could just get a picture of all your contacts online off of facebook onto a laptop then plug your phone into that and do a simple drag and drop. It would probably only take 15 minutes to get th... Read More »

Hi Guys kneed some help with a Samsung galaxy 3s?

To unlock a Samsung Galaxy S3, You need to specify The country, Network and the IMEI, number. The safest and easiest method to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S3 is to unlock using unlock code. You can get... Read More »

Which phone is better - Samsung galaxy S advance or Samsung galaxy S2 plus?

galaxy s2 plus is an integration of is betterthan s has a brodcom processor. well you will get xperia ion for 22k. I would like to recommend you nexus 4 considering the fact that y... Read More »