Help me with a submit email form html thing?

Answer Try looking at the following: ........

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How do I build a form that will populate rows of an Excel spreadsheet when "Submit" is clicked (html or .pdf)?

First of all, "paper questionnaires" can not be imported directly into MS-Excel. You would need to run them through a scanner and then use some OCR software against those scans to get the "image" ... Read More »

How to Email a Form in HTML?

HTML email forms are useful because they enable you to collect simple user feedback without using a database. Visitors to your website can simply fill in an email form, click "Submit", and the brow... Read More »

How to send email from a HTML web form?

You CAN use HTML to send emails !!!!Here is an example of you need to do this: Sample Data Gathering FormAn Email Form Name: Sex: Female Male Income: $10,000 o... Read More »

How to Create a Form in HTML That Can Be Submitted to an Email Address?

Using basic tools--a text editor, browser, and email client--you can create a basic form that sends information you request to an email address. This method employs basic form elements and requires... Read More »