Help me with a medical question please.?

Answer First of all....Do you REALLY know the definition of Bird Flu in the first instance ??? The bird would have to have had an Autopsy for CLARIFICATION....Your previous question.....You have the flu..... Read More »

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Medical Drugs Pharmacology question i need help please?

PENICILLIN (sometimes abbreviated PCN) - Brand Name: varies, Pfizerpen and Bicillin are a couple of brand names. Generic name: PenicillinIndications for use: bacterial infections, anthrax, syphilli... Read More »

Please Help Me With A Twitter Question?

The person that you do mention will get your tweet even if they are not following you just as long as your using "@username" before what you want to write to them. The only thing you can't do when ... Read More »

Please help with my extensions question!!?

Hell no you're gonna look like Mr. Clean! JK lol you'll be fine, I've had sew ins before for two months. Nothing!

Re posted Question PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! With my Computer?

To get back to your DVD/CD drives:Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel, double-click System, go to Hardware/Device Manager.Click on the + before DVD/CD-Rom drives. Right-click on each entry (one for ... Read More »