Help me with Microsoft Excel please?

Answer Hi Chynta,How familiar are you with Excel?If the answer is "not very," then you might be biting off more than you can chew. There are many different types of graphs... column graphs, line graphs,pi... Read More »

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Please help in microsoft excel, when i click a hyperlinked cell, i get a messag this operation has been cance?

Usually anytime a "canceled due to restriction" type message comes up, especially if it tells you to contact a "system administrator", then that is because there are some controls in place to preve... Read More »

Help with Microsoft Excel?

I'm not very good with Microsoft Excel, and would like help on the following: -?

You can use the sample VBA code below to setup a Macro. Then you can assign a toolbar button to that Macro.Public Sub FindDups() Dim rng1 As Range Dim rng2 As Range Dim cell1 As Range ... Read More »

Novice Microsoft Excel User!! I need help with a specific formula!!?

It is a matter of multiplying the Amount you want 40% of times the value of .4 and then using the Percent Style icon on the Formatting toolbar to have it display as a percentage.Now the real questi... Read More »