Help me to find a good undertone hair color (pic)?

Answer a Honey brown undertone would look amazing, maybe if u want it to look a little hidden then try medium brown, have a look at some pics Read More »

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Plz help me to decide a good undertone for my hair?

I think Chocolate brown would be beautiful!!

What is the best undertone for black hair?

You should try carmel color dye mixed with some chocolate brown. Not only does it sound tasty, but it will look tasty too!

What is a good drugstore foundation for my yellow undertone skin?

Makeup for ever HD foundation have Yellow undertone foundationif your Asian Best use Shiseido they have good foundation for asian skintheir foundation just amazing ones best brands you can get for ... Read More »

How to Find the Right Hair Color to Cover Gray Hair?

Nothing is more disappointing than rinsing off your new hair color only to find it didn't do a good job of covering your gray hair. Avoid this hair color faux pas by taking the time to learn which ... Read More »