Help, me should I go to the ER!?

Answer If you are in a part of the world where doctors' offices are open, then call and see if he/she can see you today. If not, go to the ER. It's not safe to rely on diagnoses over the internet.

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Help!!!! help!!! ive just cut of one of my fingers and raped it up in tissue what should i do?

I'd wrap it in ice and take it to your local hospital...don't mention that you raped it though, will get you in serious trouble.

Help. Explain what I should look for in a 40"+ flat panel TV. Where should I buy?

It all depends on what you're looking for it to do, and what you're gonna be using it for.There are alot of formats out there. Tube, LCOS, LCD, DLP, etc. Here's a little info on some of 'em.If you'... Read More »

A good friend of mine on here said I should ask this question which I could use your help. Please help?

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buy a filter for future use.. hold off on the antibiotics (until after doctor consultation) but for having drank questionable water, i'd say just wait it out.. our body has natural defense mechanis... Read More »