Help me programmers pls.urgent. for project in advance calculator .?

Answer What language?Here is a part of how you could do it in C: can complete the rest of the functions yourself since it IS your project.For queries, email or IM me.

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Java programmers! Duplicate local variable HELP!!?

To fixchangedouble cm = feet * CENTIMETERS_PER_FEET;to double cmF = ...&changedouble cm = inches * CENTIMETERS_PER_INCH;todoubleIn = ...Also change your prints for use the new variable names.

Casio fx-115 ES Calculator HELP?

I had the same problem when I first bought mine.Here is what you do. Press the"SHIFT" button in the top left corner, then the "MODE" button on the top right.Select 2: Line10This will always give yo... Read More »

TI-84+ Graphing Calculator Program Help?

There is no native way to check if a string has been defined in TI-Basic.However, what you could do is used a custom list along with the string, and use the list to check if the string has been def... Read More »

Help regarding Power Supply calculator?

Under PCI, it looks like they mean if you'll have internet or speakers connected, and that's probably a yes so pick 2 for there.Under fan, count how many fans you have in your computer I guess. I h... Read More »