Help me problem with burning a disc .?

Answer You may need to update your firmware, meaning the driver for your burner. All drives can read both cds & dvds, but make sure your drive is also a dvd burner.

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My DVD player says "Disc Loading" but after a short time it changes to "No disc". What is the problem?

the disc is dirty, lyke it has a lot of scratches on the back of the CD

Problem burning CD?

I had the SAME PROBLEM! I brought it to my local computer repair store and they fixed it up in no time!

If burning cds and dvds is illegal then why do they make blank disc and burners?

In general it is NOT illegal to make a cd or dvd. It IS illegal to infringe on copyrighted intellectual property. Several court cases have set a precedent that you can make a backup copy of softwar... Read More »

MRI scan disc viewing problem?

Not without you telling us what format the files are in, mate. i.e. what are the letters after the full stop?