Help me plz the pain is killing me hellp i beg you it hurts!!!!!HEEEELLLLLPPPPPHHHHH…?

Answer You may want to call the Dr. and let him know what's going on as you may have dry sockets. Remember don't drink out of a straw or anything fizzy like colas. Eating foods rich in vitamin C will he... Read More »

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Hey spiderman cool name. Best thing to do for now is find a loved one mom dad sister whatever someone of normal human strength and have them rub oil on it and work those muscles like waxing a car. ... Read More »

My thighs are KILLING me from a previous workout! How long does the pain last?

When you are exercising, your muscles are using oxygen to burn sugar for energy. As with any oxidation process, there are waste products. One of these is lactic acid. The level of exercise can (a... Read More »

HELP! HELP ME! How do I stop my feet from hurting so much I became a waitress and the pain is KILLING me!?

What you have is called Plantar Fasciitis.Google some stretching exercises you can do in the morning. It can take as long as 6 months to heal this problem, but with stretching and the right shoes y... Read More »

What is the risk of killing a nerve of a tooth that is causing you pain?

Answer I assume you are talking about going to a dentist and having a root canal therapy performed on the tooth. This procedure removes the nerve and blood supply of the tooth. The interior of the... Read More »