Help me plz the pain is killing me hellp i beg you it hurts!!!!!HEEEELLLLLPPPPPHHHHH…?

Answer You may want to call the Dr. and let him know what's going on as you may have dry sockets. Remember don't drink out of a straw or anything fizzy like colas. Eating foods rich in vitamin C will he... Read More »

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HELP! HELP ME! How do I stop my feet from hurting so much I became a waitress and the pain is KILLING me!?

What you have is called Plantar Fasciitis.Google some stretching exercises you can do in the morning. It can take as long as 6 months to heal this problem, but with stretching and the right shoes y... Read More »


Hey spiderman cool name. Best thing to do for now is find a loved one mom dad sister whatever someone of normal human strength and have them rub oil on it and work those muscles like waxing a car. ... Read More »

What is the risk of killing a nerve of a tooth that is causing you pain?

Answer I assume you are talking about going to a dentist and having a root canal therapy performed on the tooth. This procedure removes the nerve and blood supply of the tooth. The interior of the... Read More »

Will Maalox or a liquid Antacid help relieve abdominal pain for someone who has diverticulitis I am currently taking Ciprofloxacin and I still have a lot of pain Thanks for your help?

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