Help me please it's freaking me out!?

Answer Update and run your Anti-Virus program. Don't have one? You can run a free online scan from Trendmicro. When I have tested it it takes some time to run it but it may be time well spent if it can fi... Read More »

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I'm freaking out please help?

My advice is probably too late for your problem but maybe it will help if there is a next time.You need to get your blood sugar up pronto and keep it up. Drink some juice, milk or even some non ca... Read More »

Freaking out please help me please?

Leave the earring out, do not try putting it back in. Don't squeeze it or anything because the puss will just come back and form again because its your skins way of healing an injury. If you keep ... Read More »

Should i be freaking out?

Dont even think about freaking out until tests have been done. I am sure that vegetarians do lack in iron, so that could possibly be your problem. Dont worry about anything else until you are told ... Read More »

Am I freaking out over nothing!!?

hi, beileber, i think Justin always says like that words.i guess u are emotional.i am a belieber too