Help me please!!! I'm so scared! Serious answers only?

Answer You have a boil. Don't squeeze it, because you can force bacteria into your bloodstream, which would be very bad. Instead, take a warm, damp washcloth and hold it against the boil. This will act... Read More »

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Help serious answers only please...?

1. You should always backup your valuble data on a regular basis anyway!2. If you having serious problems backup straight away everything you can and want to keep.3. Try using system restore (in he... Read More »

Please help........... Serious answers only!!?

I feel sad right now because my mum is really ill. This is a serious question so serious answers only please.?

hi there. I'm a former cancer patient myself, a survivor. I can't tell you if she has cancer or not, but it's a good sign the doctor has not called by now or asked her to come in earlier. She mi... Read More »

I have a serious question, only serious answers please!?

Maybe you should check the settings if you havent already on the start bar at the bottom of the computer you can double click on the speaker and make sure that all sound volumes are turned up. If t... Read More »