Help me please! Foster Farms won't except my resume into their breeding program.?

Answer Have you committed any fowl deeds?

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You are a foster parent you are in Michigan a foster parent support group looking for a adult foster child to come and share their story with about 200 other children and foster parents.please help us?

Your question is unclear to me. However, I will let you know about me.I was a foster child, along with my 4 siblings, as our mother died when i was 3. I/we were raised in foster homes until we each... Read More »

What happens to foster parents who physically abuse their foster kids?

Please help me understand food rationing with foster children.?

Hey. I did not read all the other answers, but I thought I would add my personal experience. I had THREE foster families that did things that prevented me from eating. One family locked the refr... Read More »

Please help! TV wont work?

This is how they die. In the old days tv's lasted 20 years. Modern ones last 3 years. The repair is $400..