Help me on Youtube please!?

Answer It helps when you post a link otherwise how the hell are we suppose to find your videos?Also if you want more views you got to work at it. Post videos on a regular basis that are the best quality t... Read More »

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How to fix a problem on youtube; an error occurred please try again. i have tried everything please help!!?

Edit out your flick, make a file, open a Web browser, surf on over to YouTube, sign in, upload that file. Most any other way you try, including a button on any video editing program, will not work... Read More »

I have a youtube channel and I need help Please help me?

You will not get any e-mail from youtube if someone has subscribed or commented. They used to do that long before.You can watch video tutorial or read text below.How you could check comments, messa... Read More »

I need help understanding youtube. Please help.?

This is one of those questions that there are actually several different answers...depending on in-depth you are willing to go.For all intents and shouldn;t have a problem with uploa... Read More »

Youtube help please.?

Q1: set auto to 470P. It takes longer to load but wen you fullscreen it goes 470P auto, so if you put 470p in normal window than it doesn't need to rerender for a higher definition wen going fullsc... Read More »