Help me make dinner! I have these ingredients:?

Answer Use flour to coat the beef and Brown it on both sides in a pan with a little oil. Rinse the carrots, slice the potatoes, add whatever veggies you like,and put all of it in the crock pot with the be... Read More »

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What can I make for dinner I have the following ingredients.....?

What can I prepare for dinner using these ingredients?

make the snot pocketsOPPs HOT pockets , toast the waffles and slice the onion put a hot pocket on a waffle cover with peas and melted butter AND WALAAA you have waffle pocket pizza pea thingys

Healthy Recipes for lunch and dinner with these ingredients?

Make Chicken Pasta with cheese:You will need:For the pasta:1. Pasta (the noodle kind)2. Sliced Chicken pieces3. One onion4. Spices5. Sliced Mushrooms6. Minced GarlicFor the sauce:1. All purpose flo... Read More »

What can I make with these ingredients?

Chop up the onion and put that and the carrots and celery and chopped garlic into a hot skillet with the butter and stir fry it till the vegetables are tender. Sprinkle with salt and eat. You can... Read More »