Help me!! i'm in trouble?

Answer go here:…you have to have an undelete program, this software is free to try

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Help me in big trouble?

Come on now. Time to go to Home Depot and pick up a replacement. They can instruct you on how to dispose of the damaged unit.

Eye pleaseee.?

i also wear contacts daily. this happens to my quite often because i have really bad allergies. you might have allergies and had been rubbing your eye in your sleep. if allergies are not possible, ... Read More »

Help me USB cord trouble.?

Well they all come with one but maybe you misplaced it and also you could find one at Radio Shack or go to ebay i got mine there for just a few bucks.On ebay just punch in the name brand of your ca... Read More »

Trouble sleeping help?

Try drinking chamomile tea it helps relax you! Read about it online. Chamomile tea has been shown to work as a depressant that can soothe one's nerves and bring in relaxation, which can lead to sle... Read More »