Help me identify a computer part?

Answer Probably a piece of the computer frame or chassis which was not cleaned off during the manufacturing or assembly process. Look around and see if you see a small D shaped hole in any of the surroun... Read More »

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How to Identify Part Numbers on Carter Carburetors?

Carter carburetors, like other carburetors, are mechanical devices that combine fuel and air to create the correct mixture for combustion in an engine. A carburetor regulates the ratio of air and f... Read More »

How to Identify Ford Parts by Part Numbers?

Identifying Ford parts by the number isn't difficult, although confusion exists between the two categories of part numbers; engineering and service numbers. Engineering numbers are assigned when a ... Read More »

Is there a computer program that tells you how to mix colors in proportion such as two parts of white plus 1 part of black plus 1 part of blue and show the resulting color?

There are so many excellent programs out there. If you type "mixing colors" in your search box, you can pick and choose the one that is right for you. I have previewed a couple of them for you and ... Read More »

Which part of my computer is causing my computer to not start some times?

you should wish it be just the battery. if the computer is completely drained of battery after the prev. session, you'll need to plug in the charger before it can be powered on.if still the problem... Read More »