Help me i think i have a problem 10 points?

Answer I understand exactly how you feel, don't worry; you are not alone. I'm sorry if I am a little late with this reply, even though there is always tomorrow :).Anyways, I think that you should just be ... Read More »

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Do you think i have type 1 diabetes easy 10 points:) pleeeeeeeeease help?

Possibly, though you arnt mentioning anything I experience as a type one diabetic besides the being thirsty.But to quick respond to your questionsDiet: Low carb, high protein, low fat. Well balance... Read More »

Skin problem help. 10 points for best answer!!?

First of all, don't touch it! I learned a valuable lesson when I kept touching my earring infection...Second of all, you should really go see a Doctor, to me, it doesn't seem like dry skin, but it ... Read More »

Please help me! Acne and make up problem! 10 points!?

get a gentle face wash.not an acne scrub or harsh crap.just a normal face wash.DONT wear face makeup (foundation, brozer, blush etc)

I am pregnant but I have a problem because I think I got that way at an orgy. Do you think I could take?

It may well be that some of the other participants are experiencing the very same problem of mis-attributed conception. So all you have to do is wait until you've all given birth, and have a look t... Read More »