Help me i had unprotected sex and i think i might be pregnat?

Answer Okay babe, RELAX. What's done is done, you can't dwell on something that is too late to change. You got yourself into the situation, so you have to relax & deal with this like an adult. First thing... Read More »

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Help I think I might be dying!?

Just to be safe, i'd get that checked out.......A bandaid wont work if you need stitches ;/ ..Good Luck, Sorry About The Incident..

I think I might be a zombie, please help ?

You probably are, its pretty common but the media keeps it hidden.Bye now, you are officially dead now. Bye.

I think I might have tapeworms please help!?

The information you have provided tells me that your symptoms are no where near the possibility of a tapeworm. Doesn't mean you might not have one but what you have said seems not right for the inf... Read More »

I think I might have a heart attack please help me?

Hi, I saw your question and thought I might be able to help your situation. While I'm pretty sure you're not having a heart attack, you probally have damaged your lungs, albeit temporary. As a yo... Read More »