Help me i had unprotected sex and i think i might be pregnat?

Answer Okay babe, RELAX. What's done is done, you can't dwell on something that is too late to change. You got yourself into the situation, so you have to relax & deal with this like an adult. First thing... Read More »

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Ways to tell if you are pregnat?

there are many ways to tell that your pregnant if you are pregnant if you are craving things that could be a sign feeling sick to you stomach/getting sick (morning sickness) this does not mean that... Read More »

My pregnat sim just went to work!!?

It takes like a few sim days before your sim takes maternity leave from work.

Could my friend be pregnat?

and now i have to pee - REAL BAD!*glances down* well - i AM a little instain...*glances up* well, i AM fond(le) of "little twins"...

If Yahoo! Answers did not exist, how would I have known whether or not I was pregnat?

This is how you would find out:…