Help me find these old sweets?

Answer Was the flavor Fruity or Carmel/Toffee? Maybe it was it some sort of Taffy?

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Indian sweets, where can I buy those colourful tiny Indian sweets you get in the Indian restaurants.?

You should have asked your sister to get some when she went to india.

What sweets do you like?

Apricot health bars, i'm eating them right now. So it's only 5.45 am in Australia's west!

Can you get in shape even if you eat a lot of sweets?

You are craving sweet ; because You are not eating enough protein You will find protein ; in meat ;; especially in red meat ; peanut butter ;; nuts ;; cheeseand all kind of beans

Can anybody name any vegetarian sweets?

Check out Holland & Barrett for some. I'm not sure about jelly like sweets specifically cause I don't like them, but they carry lots of vegan sweets.You can try these sites, too. Someone on the s... Read More »