Help me, do i have a problem?

Answer well, it seems like you started doing that in the first place was because you just wanted someone to tell you that you're beautiful and say things that would make you feel good about yourself. howe... Read More »

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Wherever you cut a branch is where new growth will begin. You want to reduce the height over two to three years ideally. Cut some of the branches back one foot, some, two feet, some three feet, so ... Read More »

I have had this problem for a long time bad beath, help I have tried every tooth paste in sight.?

You should have a complete medical evaluation. Certain systemic illnesses can cause bad breath, and they have nothing to do with your mouth or teeth. Don't have your teeth pulled if they are hea... Read More »

I have a problem...HELP!?

ok first of your in the wrong section of yahoo answers you are at the printer question section Second i think you should just let her break up with her i mean if he really loved her he would come b... Read More »

Help me i have a problem?

u prob just have a flu of some kind or food poisioning. try to keep fluids in your system, water is best or gatorade or pediasure, for the electrolytes. the ER is just going to give u fluids and an... Read More »