Help me choose a notebook?

Answer Since you are asking about all the netbooks and then a piece of crap notebook, I assume you would want us to just keep it to those listed...As such, go for the Acer Aspire One with a 6-cell battery... Read More »

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How to Choose a Notebook?

A notebook can be useful for noting down important or interesting things, often when on the go. Here are some tips on finding the perfect notebook for yourself.

How do i choose a laptop notebook?

If You Will Run Video Editing, Gaming Or Multimedia ProgramsSelect a laptop with a processor that has the highest speed, number of cores and largest cache size possible. Opt for a 64-bit processor ... Read More »

How to Choose a Notebook for X-Plane?

X-Plane is a flight simulation program designed for personal computers. It uses a real-world physics engine, plus realistic aircraft, scenery and weather, to help pilots practice their flying skill... Read More »

I want to buy notebook.please give opinion that i have to buy notebook or laptop which one is better?

A laptop is considerably better than a notebook, having increased performance and speed. A laptop can also handle a lot more than a notebook.