Help me! My itouch charger! :(?

Answer whoa . . . . well any store that has to do with electronics. maybe circuit city or i think its buy buster idk! it was just on the tip of my toungue! lol anything like that will do! Want it much ea... Read More »

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Do itouch and iPhone use the same charger?

Can you transfer pictures from a nikon slr to an Itouch and be able to view them on the itouch?

yes. but you have to do it through the computer. you download the pictures from the nikon to the computer and when you have finished doing that, you have to make a folder under my pictures of the p... Read More »

I have a old Eye clopse projector and I lost the charger can I just plug my charger that fits into to make it?

You may find a tag or something on the projector about power requirements. You need a charger that is the right voltage and current that has the correct connector.

I dont have my charger and myphone is dead and i CANT leave can i charge it without the charger!?

Uh, I don't think so. But I have the original razr phone and this is odd but whenever it dies on me, if i wait a lil while, I can turn it back on. It will actually work for a lil while longer as i... Read More »