Help me! My itouch charger! :(?

Answer whoa . . . . well any store that has to do with electronics. maybe circuit city or i think its buy buster idk! it was just on the tip of my toungue! lol anything like that will do! Want it much ea... Read More »

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Do itouch and iPhone use the same charger?

Hunting for a charger for a power pro craft 24v cordless drill Numbers on the side of it are CDD24D I have the drill but I can't find a charger any place Can anyone help me out on this?

Go to http:/ and click on products. You will see on the left a place to go to contact them. They made the charger however it may have been a limited run product for a certa... Read More »

Help with Itouch !!!?

of course itunes worksalso it syncs the apps from the itunes store to the ipod or vice versa and creates a heading on the left sidebar of itunes. so you can manage them too from your computer if yo... Read More »


i have a iphone but whatev. go to settings. then anything that says mail then just click on where it says your email address and change it.