Help loading a disk into a camcorder?

Answer well mine just inserts from the bottom ,they are all different though, if you could give the make and model number that would help.

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How do I transfer video from a camcorder DVD-R disk into a format I can use in myspace?

You don't use a Mac, do you? If you do, email me and I can help you out.As far as Windows PC, I'm sure others will have better tips, but I would see if your camcorder has any software to help impor... Read More »

HELP! I inserted my credit card into my desktop computer's disk drive and it won't come out. What to do?

By loading folders,files,pictures,songs,m… does the weight of Hard Disk increase?

never.... the memory in hardisk uses flip flop logic... when there is data, it is 1.. not there it is 0..where will the extra weight come from???

How to Insert a Disk into an Xbox 360 Disk Drive?

Many people tend to overlook the important parts of a manual or they give their Xbox 360 to other people. As obvious as it sounds, the following is how to insert a disk. Xbox 360 disk